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infected clock


2020/07/12 | posted in visuals

"After the recent outburst of the Plague, you got a letter from the Guilds."

600 mana for the plague (hypercard stack)
made for Merveilles Hyperjam 2020 on a Mac System 7 emulator

you can play it in on itch.io (cw: loud beep at emulator start, javascript) or you can get an archive frome me and the instructions for the Mac Plus emulator here, and play with a beautiful forgotten OS

2020/04/08 | posted in visuals

tecnica del taglio delle nebbie


2020/01/12 | posted in visuals

smoke mantra / dirty monitor

2019/10/08 | posted in visuals

tweaked my luajit scripting sandbox for easy import and playback of .png folders

testing out with some vertical bars i drew with the marker

2019/09/15 | posted in visuals

just coded a tool for importing all my doodles frame by frame by using webcam

maybe it's too raw to be called "animation", but i like that the movement of the frames comes out of imperfection, if i would be able to perfectly draw the same thing over and over and to import it without error the result would have been still and lifeless

if you want to build it yourself, the code is in my utilities

2019/07/28 | posted in visuals