Hi, my name is Nicola Pisanti, and I am a creative coder. By writing code, duct-taping electronics and putting devices together i can build things that generate sounds, musical patterns, graphics and sense the world around them.
I love to work with open source software / hardware / libraries like openFrameworks, raspberry Pi and arduino, using Linux (check out Bunsen) as operating system and maybe building things using locally sourced junk.
To see what i'm working on at the moment, check out my latest experiments.
To contact me, follow this link.


scrittura generates music and alphabeths

Hexaglyphics is a digital noise instrument based on an invented hexadecimal alphabeth

Junk Rituals is a pseudo-ritual instrument (sawblade+projections)

Outpost is an installation i made at a Toolkit festival workshop

Profeticomatico: come se fosse un oracolo

Mechanical Pizzica is a mechanical rhytmical instrument (build with a bike and an hand drum)

Clayblocks are some experiment on processing for making an OSC controllers


ofxPDSP is an openFrameworks addon for audio synthesis and generative music

microMidi are sketches for using sensors/piezos with an arduino micro using MIDI protocol

ofxSIMDFloats is an openFrameworks addon for SIMD operations on c++ floats

ofxGuiPresetSelector is an addon for quickly switching ofxGui presets

np-junkrepo: personal oF classes and sketches repo