Hi, my name is Nicola Pisanti.
By writing code i craft devices that generate graphics, sounds and sense the world around them.

It's really important for me to keep my tools free (as in "freedom"), so I mostly work with libraries like openFrameworks and run everything on Linux ( both on desktop and raspberry pi ). I'm also skilled at overusing duct tape and asemic writing.

To mail me, click here.

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Hexaglyphics is a digital noise instrument based on an invented hexadecimal alphabeth

artefatto::cinque: generative music for relays and micro televisions

cento sigilli: asemic writing lab

scrittura generates music and alphabeths

Junk Rituals is a pseudo-ritual instrument (sawblade + projections)

Synchron: A/V performance for three percussionists

artefatto::quattro: stone+monitor pseudosanctuary

A man in a park is looking for something: sensors and music for a performance by Antonio Pipolo

Outpost is an installation i made at a Toolkit festival workshop

Profeticomatico: come se fosse un oracolo

Cellular Shapes: shaped cellular automata in processing 2

Oxided (EP): soundtrackish album, mostly with a cyberpunk / retrofuturistic feel


ofxPDSP: an openFrameworks addon for audio synthesis and generative music

np-samples: an archive of the audio samples i've recorded in the past, free to use

ofxClayblocks: sensors and actuators devices running on OSC networks, with client classes for openFrameworks

ofxDotFrag: cross compatible GL/GLES shaders to be tweaked in realtime

ofxLaunchControllers: binds ofParameters to a Novation Launch Control / XL

ofxFixture: addons to manage multiple DMX fixtures

ofxAudioFile: loads .wav, .ogg, .flac and .mp3 to a float buffer in all the oF platforms

np-extra: extra utility classes for openFrameworks

np-patches: sequencers, synths and effects for ofxPDSP

grimorio: setup scripts for my Debian GNU/Linux systems

<<selfteaching>>: resources for learning