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Hexaglyphics is a 13-bit noise generator for iPad with an interface based on an original alphabet for hexadecimal values. It can turn gestures into a wide range of noise sweeps, zaps/clicks, squarish oscillations and abstract sounds. I've customly designed the alphabet taking ispiration from ancient numerical aphabeths and thinking about the most fitting symbols for a binary-based numerical system. I've coded the UI and the sound generator in c++ upon the JUCE framework.

Its features include:
In the last years i made a switch from proprietary platforms to full support to open source technologies. As i no longer want to support a company such as Apple i stopped paying my developer fee, so this app has been retired from the store. I hope to have some time in the future to make a DIY version, maybe using an rPi and a touchscreen. I apologize to all the people who bought my app on Apple devices, but i thought this was the right thing to do.