Hi, my name is Nicola Pisanti. By writing code, soldering electronics and putting devices together i build systems that generate graphics, sounds and sense the world around them.
I love to work and contribute to open source libraries like openFrameworks, running everything on Linux ( both on desktop and raspberry Pi ). I'm also skilled at overusing duct tape and asemic writing.
To see what i'm working on at the moment, check out my latest experiments.
To mail me, click here.


artefatto::quattro: stone+monitor

scrittura generates music and alphabeths

Junk Rituals is a pseudo-ritual instrument (sawblade+projections)

Hexaglyphics was a digital noise instrument based on an invented hexadecimal alphabeth

Outpost is an installation i made at a Toolkit festival workshop

Profeticomatico : come se fosse un oracolo

Mechanical Pizzica is a mechanical rhytmical instrument (build with a bike and an hand drum)

Cellular Shapes: shaped cellular automata in processing 2


ofxPDSP is an openFrameworks addon for audio synthesis and generative music

np-clayblocks are some processing sketches for custom made android OSC controllers

ofxRPiezos : piezo sensors to OSC with the raspberry pi

ofxDotFrag : cross compatible GL/GLES shaders to be tweaked in realtime

oscworks : rPi sensors and actuators over OSC protocol

ofxLaunchControls : binds ofParameters to a Novation Launch Control / XL

ofxAudioFile : loads .wav, .ogg, .flac and .mp3 to a float buffer in all the oF platforms

.dotfiles : setup scripts for my Debian GNU/Linux systems

<<selfteaching>> : resources for learning