Hello folks, my name is Nicola, and i'm a voidmancer hailing from the shadow plane.

32 years ago i bound myself in a human body-vessel in the first material plane, an idea that then i aknowledged as a really bad move. As now i need human cash to pay stupid things like rent and bills, i craft devices and perform rituals to accomplish various symbolic purposes, at fair rates. I'm available for commissions in the whole multiverse.

I shift through the planes for research purposes. I'm expecially interested in instruments of nonledge and the creatures that live in the third planescape. Sometimes i also make music, or i code abstractions that makes it.

On the positive side, here on 1MP-Earth they share their own technomantical stuff freely, so I'm researching with this openFrameworks ecosystem using their Linux OS. You can even run things for cheap on those raspberry pi devices.

For commissions and inquiries, you can contact me clicking here

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Hexaglyphics is a traditional instrument of some shadow plane's clans

artefatto::cinque: spirits in the cathodes

scrittura an alphabeth of sounds

Junk Rituals with a sawblade

cento sigilli: asemic writing lab

Cellular Shapes: protobeings of the fifth planescape

Synchron: A/V performance for three percussionists

artefatto::quattro: a sanctuary

A man in a park is looking for something: sensors and music for a performance by Antonio Pipolo

Outpost in a bottle

Profeticomatico: come se fosse un oracolo

Oxided (EP): some rusted music


ofxPDSP: an openFrameworks addon for audio synthesis and generative music

np-samples: an archive of the audio samples i've recorded in the past, free to use

ofxClayblocks: sensors and actuators devices running on OSC networks, with client classes for openFrameworks

ofxDotFrag: cross compatible GL/GLES shaders to be tweaked in realtime

ofxLaunchControllers: binds ofParameters to a Novation Launch Control / XL

ofxFixture: addons to manage multiple DMX fixtures

ofxAudioFile: loads .wav, .ogg, .flac and .mp3 to a float buffer in all the oF platforms

np-extra: extra utility classes for openFrameworks

np-patches: sequencers, synths and effects for ofxPDSP

grimorio: setup scripts for my Debian GNU/Linux systems

<< selfteaching >>: resources for learning

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