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The main section of this site is the blog feed. At the moment, posts are also divided into "channels" containing more posts than the main feed:

This RSS feed cointains the latest posts in chronological order.

np-samples: an archive of the audio samples i've recorded in the past, free to use

For me better tools aren't the ones doing more, but tools doing no more than what i need. As removing features and simplifying code is never in the corporate agendas, open source software is the only way to have tools that are simple, reliable, efficient and long-standing.

I code and mantain some of my own tools and code snippets:

folderkit: 32 voices sampler companion for orca

raylyeh: hot-reloaded graphics scripting tool spawned by raylib

rl_tools: tools i scripted with raylyeh

rpiezos: hardware and software to convert piezo sensor signals into OSC messages by using a raspberry pi and some DIY electronics

gpiosc: a program to control raspberry pi GPIO pins with incoming OSC messages

orca-snippets: snippets of code i use in orca

scrapbook: a collection of code snippets and sketches

grimorio: scripts and dotfiles to setup my system starting from a debian netinst

Hexaglyphics is a digital noise instrument based on an invented hexadecimal alphabeth

<< selfteaching >>: resources for learning

This website doesn't use javascript, doesn't use cookies, and it's put together by a fish script.

It also works offline, you can copy it entirely and you will have a working snapshot on your machine without booting a server or having internet connection.