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hexaglyphics noise generator

posted on 2015/07/12

hexaglyphics noise generator

posted on 2015/07/11

hexaglyphics steles : random buffer

posted on 2014/10/21
I made my little snippets of code in processing to generate touch controller on android, here are some examples:

clayblocks : keys

clayblocks : 8xy

clayblocks : granular controller

clayblocks : faders

posted on 2014/10/19

designing hexaglyphics

posted on 2014/10/11

Got to make processing work on the rPi, really just to discovery that it’s so slow to be unusable. openFrameworks runs fine directly from the command line if you follow the step to step guide on the site. It’s just strange that it din’t worked on piBang.. i had to switch to standard Raspbian, i think is the same if you don’t startx (but i still have to check).

posted on 2014/08/25

hello, hello again.

posted on 2014/08/07

Buy a ps3eye they said, infra-red cam for cheap they said. Well, it has taken 2 hours of scratching the IR filter with a screwdriver before i looked better on the internet just to know i had the not hackable SLEH-00488 model. I didn’t know about two different 00488 models, I thought that the not moddable version was the old SLEH-00201, but well, now everyone can know how a webcam with a cataract look at the world.

posted on 2014/07/15
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