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i was uninspired by generative graphics lately so i started to draw lots of little musicians with my brush pen

posted on 2019/07/26

built myself a little lua graphics scripting sandbox (running as oF addon), supporting 2d primitives, cyclic modulations and spritesheet loading

the script is reloaded on the fly so it's possible to livecode it

--- code ---

posted on 2019/07/24

ORCΛ Time Crystal
(based on this structure by Devine Lu Linvega)

posted on 2019/04/27

"as shifting became more frequent, better and better shifguards were developed for traveling through the unstable archipelagos"

--- code ---

posted on 2019/04/11

when you get better at warping the pixelspace and then you never loose a chance to morph yourself into a six winged bird of light

posted on 2019/03/22

just coded an ORCΛ controlled pad/drone, webcam input processed and then converted to waveform (ofxPDSP + ofxDotFrag)

looking forward to sketch myself a deck of wavetables

posted on 2019/02/11

i'm having lots of fun with Hundred Rabbits' ORCΛ lately!
FM synths by ofxPDSP

posted on 2019/01/17

decorative modules, the lines could start in one and go into another so each time i change room i reassemble everything in a different configuration

posted on 2018/12/30
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