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Just coded an ORCΛ controlled pad/drone, webcam input processed with fragment shaders and then a pixel line is converted to waveform (ofxPDSP + ofxDotFrag). Looking forward to sketch myself a deck of wavetables.

posted on 2019/02/11

I'm having lots of fun with Hundred Rabbits' ORCΛ lately. It's a live coding environment to create and manipulate musical patterns, you can use it to control other software or synthesizer via MIDI or OSC (i'm using it to control my FM synths coded with ofxPDSP).

posted on 2019/01/17

some decorative modules.
lines can start in one module and continue in another, making really fun to recompose the puzzle in a different way each time i move to another room

posted on 2018/12/30

sketching an alphabeth for un upcoming video by my brother Ivo for Shiftin Records, using Hundred Rabbits open source tool Dotgrid.

posted on 2018/11/24

writing markov sequences with laser

posted on 2018/07/14

i'm getting better at sigilcraft

posted on 2018/02/04

studying GLSL on Patricio Gonzalez Vivo's Book of Shaders.
HUD exercise.

posted on 2018/01/17

ofxClayblocks piezos running with a powerbank over wifi, that flashing square is my laptop, tested for over 4 hours of operation, runs on rpi 2-3-zeroW

posted on 2017/12/21
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