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as at the start of october i had to stay away for the screen for some days, i started to make some bookmarks for inktober and post them on the fediverse

i made a page for all the complete set, it's here

posted on 2019/11/01

smoke mantra / dirty monitor

posted on 2019/10/08

tweaked my luajit scripting sandbox for easy import and playback of .png folders

testing out with some vertical bars i drew with the marker

posted on 2019/09/15

different kinds of golems (and their owners)
01 / 02

posted on 2019/09/12

I'm experimenting with a new ORCĪ› patch and a new oF/ofxPDSP app as sound engine with hand-drawn graphics.

This is the first "landmark", a particular combination of settings and patterns that i found interesting.

I never thought in 2019 i would have used a system like this to make music! graphics are even more reactive than this, but 30fps screencasting drops some frames.

1920x1080 video, so fullscreen please =)

download: full HD (71.7 Mb) | .flac (36 Mb) | .ogg (5.9 Mb)

posted on 2019/09/11

mist onions

posted on 2019/09/07

feeling bladerunnerish into the end of summer, so here it is a crappy phone footage of a synth lead impro to the window

posted on 2019/08/29

just coded a tool for importing all my doodles frame by frame by using webcam

maybe it's too raw to be called "animation", but i like that the movement of the frames comes out of imperfection, if i would be able to perfectly draw the same thing over and over and to import it without error the result would have been still and lifeless

if you want to build it yourself, the code is in my utilities

posted on 2019/07/28
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